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Welcome To The Rhino XR Studios Ambassador & Affiliate Program!

It's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

We have two programs where you can earn an income:

1. Our Membership Affiliate Program. This is free to join and you will earn 15% of any Membership Sales you make using your link after you signup.

2. Our Rhino XR Ambassadors Program. This program has an annual fee of $497. and we have a payment plan option when you register should you choose to use it. To sign up to be a Rhino XR Ambassador please visit this link - https://rhinoxrstudios.com/product/xr-ambassador-with-rhino-xr-studios/

Ambassadors receive a XR/VR and AR training, a marketing system, CRM and marketing tools along with a ton of support. Ambassadors own their own business & utilizing the Rhino XR Studios Platform. While you do not own the platform and you have no quotas you are not on your own. Our team of XR/VR and AR pioneers, creators and leaders are here to help you succeed. You will not only earn a percentage of the Virtual Land and Buildings you sell but also of the memberships and event tickets.

How Does It Work?

When you join our ambassador program, you will be trained in our systems, CRM, and full platform. You will be trained on all the current VR/AR and XR platforms we build a design upon along with the best way to market each platform based. You will even learn a little creation and design so that you can speak the language and truly help our joint clients understand what is possible today and coming in the near future. This allows them to make the right decisions for their business or organization.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

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